After the BRC, you can join the association. If you decide to become a member you'll be in the Continuing Rowing Course (VRC). This course aims to give you a comprehensive knowledge of rowing, the association and its members.


The new members will normally be divided into teams. Together with your team and your coach, you will agree on how often and when you will row. During daylight savings time, most teams are rowing twice a week: once on the weekend and once during the week. When the weekdays are too dark, some teams switch to the rowing machine or participate in crossfit . Within your team you will work on your rowing technique and enhance your rowing experience . The program components in the VRC :


Rowing boats C - class. Both scull (two oars per rower) and board (one oar per rower)


Coxswain I training and examination


At least one tour


A match (optional)


Single scull course (optional)


Single scull I exam (optional)


Each exam gives you more freedom in rowing and more choice in material. Here you will find a clear overview of which qualifications grant you which privileges.


The VRC takes about a year. After this period you will have a better understanding of rowing and Thyro. You can then make a good decision how you want to practice this wonderful sport: in a team or alone, recreationally or competitively.


If it is not what you had imagined ...

Hopefully you have found that you enjoy rowing, however if this isn’t the case don’t despair. Through a multitude of causes, there may be a slight problem. It may be that the training times do not really work well for you, causing you to leave after a few months. Maybe your team has an ambition other than what you have for yourself. In any case, there can be various reasons why rowing does not meet the expectations you had when you started with the BRC.


In such a case, the rowing Commissioner may be able to help you. He has a good overview of the association and can put you in touch with another team, or with people that row at a time that is also convenient for you. If you do not enjoy rowing within a team and are looking for independence within the club, you can speak with him to determine a strategy to help gain this independence.


If, for whatever reason, you have stayed away for some time and do not know how to reconnect with your team, he is more than willing to play a mediating role. After all, you have invested considerable time and effort in the sport and it would be unfortunate if that had all been for nothing.

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