Founded in 1995, Thyro is the first and only non-university rowing club in Enschede. The association has about 100 members ranging in age from 12 to 68 years .


Rowing is a sport for everyone and Thyro offers something for everyone. You can row in a single scull (1 person) and also in a team with 2, 4 or 8 people. The sport can be practiced at the recreational level, but also at various levels of competition. Rowing is a sport in which all muscle groups are used and where there is little risk of injuries.


Thyro has a fleet of over 30 boats and all other necessary amenities. Our accommodation and lovely terrace overlooking the water make the club complete.


Thyro has handicap accessible accommodations and adapted materials. As a result, people with a disability can also enjoy this beautiful sport.


For people who want to learn how to row, a basic rowing course is offered a few times a year.


Are you curious and want to check it out? Email the New Members Officer (loi at thyro dot nl) to make an appointment.




Click here for information about the NEXT COURSE




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