During the basic rowing course, it is nice to have some of the materials to read at home, so you can come prepared for the next lesson and follow the directions of the instructors better. The following documents can be downloaded from this page : Instructiemateriaal.


An instruction booklet, containing a number of practical suggestions to get the hang of  rowing. The instruction booklet is still under construction, but for the first classes there is much useful information.


A short guide for docking the boat, a maneuver that proves difficult to almost every beginning rower


A list of rowing commands used in Thyro.


An instructional film, especially for the BRC, where all aspects of rowing are discussed.


On the Internet, particularly on YouTube, there is more instructional material available. As examples we have chosen the following films for you .


There is no commentary, but this is a nice video of rowing in a scull.


Here is a video explaining how to get back into the scull after flipping over. Very useful, but the reality can be quite different, even under the ideal conditions in which the film was made. That "that far oar is hard to get" (1:12 ) is an understatement, as I know from personal experience .

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